Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Creates Controversy With His Views On Marriage

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome created controversy with his recent statements about the role that women should play in a marriage. Members of the Nigerian Christian Feminist movement are upset with Oyakhilome’s comments, and believe that some type of action should be taken against him.

The feminists believe that Oyakhilome should be held responsible for the comments that he made regarding the bible. Oyakhilome believes that the male is the complete master in a marriage. He also says that one reason why most Christian marriages fail is because women believe that they are equal partners.

The man should be considered the head of the union. Women should try to understand their husband, instead of the other way around. Women should understand that once they get married, they are under their husband’s authority and should try to fulfill his needs. Oyakhilome says that according to the Bible, women do not share authority with … Read the rest