5 Quintessential Jewel Accessories for the Modern Brides

The wedding season is an ‘all the year round’ season in India. If you are a bride getting ready for the altar, this is an once-in-a-lifetime event for you. The way you look on your wedding day will be a memory for life. There is a list of “Solah Shringar” accessories like diamond necklaces, gold bangles and more in the Indian culture and if you can wear each of them, it’s ideal. However, here are a few quintessential jewel accessories that modern brides must not miss on their special day:

1. Necklace Set with Matching Earrings

The most attention-grabbing accessory worn by a bride is a necklace set with coordinated earrings. The necklaces could vary with the traditions. Each state has its own traditional style of bridal dressing. In some customs, the brides wear multiple necklaces of varying sizes. Traditionally, the neckpieces worn by the bride are made of gold. However, these have now been replaced to some extent by diamond necklaces and gemstone-studded necklaces. If the dress has heavy work on the neckline, the necklace will need to be light and vice versa. The size and design depends heavily on the dress worn by the bride.

2. Maang Teeka

A maang teeka completes the look of a bride. Worn at the middle parting of the head, it accentuates the beauty of the forehead. There are plenty of styles available to choose from. Select a maang teeka that appeals to you and accentuate your appearance. There are some that are available with a matha patti and some others that just hang on their own. They can be single layered or multiple layered as well. Your decision will depend on whether you want to keep it light or wish for a heavy one. Whatever your decision is, a maang teeka can only add grace to a bride’s ensemble.  

3. Bangles

A uniquely Indian accessory, bangles are an essential part of the bridal attire. They can be made of a variety of materials such as glass, gold, silver, lac, wood or anything else. They could be enamelled or gem-encrusted as well. It is said that a bride or a married woman should never have her wrists unadorned. Each state has its own customary colour for the bridal set of bangles – primarily red or green in combination with gold. The bangles always fill the air with the sound of cheer and happiness.

4. Nose Ring

A bride’s look is incomplete without a nose ring. Wearing a nose ring these days does not essentially require piercing and plenty of options are available in terms of size and design. You can choose a large nose ring or just a stud. It will make you look gorgeous as a bride. Get used to it beforehand with a little bit of practice before the big day.

5. Waistband

The Indian wedding attire needs either a dupatta or a saree to be draped. A waistband or kamarband not only helps in keeping the drape from getting unruly but also adds grace to the attire. This accessory can be made of gold, silver or any other metal. When choosing a waistband, keep your attire in mind. Ensure that it matches with the rest of your accessories as well These are only a few of the “Solah Shringars” but the most essential ones. You obviously cannot do without the anklets and rings. Wear it all with aplomb and feel special on the big day.

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