5 Ways to Wrap a Christmas Gift to Look Attractive

Besides being worshiped, Christmas celebrations are also usually the most awaited moment for children. Because, usually at that time Santa Claus will come with a bag full of gifts on his back to share with good children. Actually, parents are slipping gifts for children under the Christmas tree or putting them in big socks that are hung on the fireplace or Packing Cubes as one of choose for Christmas gift with various and cute packages. Talk about gift wrap packages, which might be an inspiration for parents when giving gifts to your child at Christmas:

1. Gift wrap with washi tape.

Washi Tape Using washi tape is the simplest way to add an impression of excitement to your gift. Washi tape is a patterned tape originating from Japan, and many are sold in office stationery stores or bookstores. The use of washi tape is perfect if you have wrapping paper that tends to be monotonous in one color. Simply paste on one side, you can give a colorful and funny impression on the gift. This method is also an easy trick, when you run out of time to decorate gifts. Lime-wrapped gift wrap.

2. Gift wrap with lime

Use lime Who says black gift wrapping is boring and boring? With a little creativity, you can slightly enliven dark wrapping using chalk. If you want to be more festive, add a little touch of gold. Thinking a little creative and out of the box, your children will really appreciate your creativity. Use foil paper as a gift wrap decoration.

3. Use foil paper as a gift wrap

Foil Paper Do not throw paper baking sheets that wrap used cakes. Because, you can make paper decorations on gifts. How? Take the glossy part of the foil cup. After that, press a little at the bottom of the paper, to form like a flower. Paste it with a double tip on the gift wrap that will be given. Voila! A beautiful gift wrap is ready for you to give to your baby. Christmas tree ornaments are used to decorate gift wrapping.

4. Gift wrap with Christmas decorations to make it look beautiful

Used Christmas Ornaments Do you want to replace Christmas tree decorations with new ones? Save old ornaments. Because, you can use it as a gift decoration. Enough to tie the decoration on a gift wrap with a rope. The result, you can give a gift of Christmas nuances. Use lime to form lines or dots on wrapping paper.

5. Give your gift A stunning color touch.

Scratch a striking color on a gift wrap. You don’t need to be an expert to do this. With simple lines, even the dots, can make your gift more artistic. Use a piece of rope, pine leaf pieces, or other decorations to add creativity. If you want to buy a very good and high-quality gift you can visit it at: elephantstripes.co.nz
that’s the tips for your Christmas gift to look attractive, so many articles from me, hopefully usefull.