5 Quintessential Jewel Accessories for the Modern Brides

The wedding season is an ‘all the year round’ season in India. If you are a bride getting ready for the altar, this is an once-in-a-lifetime event for you. The way you look on your wedding day will be a memory for life. There is a list of “Solah Shringar” accessories like diamond necklaces, gold bangles and more in the Indian culture and if you can wear each of them, it’s ideal. However, here are a few quintessential jewel accessories that modern brides must not miss on their special day:

1. Necklace Set with Matching Earrings

The most attention-grabbing accessory worn by a bride is a necklace set with coordinated earrings. The necklaces could vary with the traditions. Each state has its own traditional style of bridal dressing. In some customs, the brides wear multiple necklaces of varying sizes. Traditionally, the neckpieces worn by the bride are made of gold. … Read the rest

Debunking the 3 Common Misconceptions about Engagement Rings

We all know that men are not really great at shopping. There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to pick an engagement ring for his lady love and he has to do it alone. That is because nobody else would know what his girl’s choice is like. This is where most men get stuck. They do want to pick the best for the lady love, but are mostly clueless about how to go about it.

One thing that distracts men while choosing an engagement ring is the common misconceptions that exist about engagement rings. If you are one of those who is having a tough time in choosing an engagement ring for your girl, we have got you covered. We have busted the most common myths about engagement rings.

Myth 1: Bigger Diamonds Are Better

This is completely untrue and does not apply to engagement … Read the rest