Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Creates Controversy With His Views On Marriage

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome created controversy with his recent statements about the role that women should play in a marriage. Members of the Nigerian Christian Feminist movement are upset with Oyakhilome’s comments, and believe that some type of action should be taken against him.

The feminists believe that Oyakhilome should be held responsible for the comments that he made regarding the bible. Oyakhilome believes that the male is the complete master in a marriage. He also says that one reason why most Christian marriages fail is because women believe that they are equal partners.

The man should be considered the head of the union. Women should try to understand their husband, instead of the other way around. Women should understand that once they get married, they are under their husband’s authority and should try to fulfill his needs. Oyakhilome says that according to the Bible, women do not share authority with men even though they both belong to God’s kingdom. Women who do not submit to the male authority are disobeying God, and the women should be considered rebels. Oyakhilome says that the marriage will not function properly.

Pastor Oyakhilome says that there is a difference between being lonely and being alone. God created women to help men. Women should understand what their responsibility is. Problems occur when women do not understand their role. Oyakhilome says that no man wants his wife to act like his mother or sister. Obedience is the key; women should do things that are pleasing to their husband. The Pastor feels that women who do not please and support their husband are acting against God’s wishes. Women look foolish when they fight or disobey their husband.

There are some people who agree with Pastor Oyakhilome’s views. To some, Oyakhilome’s views match those of the Bible. Women were created to help men. People point out scriptures in the New Testament that encourage women to be silent. Many Muslim teachings agree with Oyakhilome’s words as well. Allah believes that women do not have many rights. Women are depicted in some scriptures as not being as intelligent as men. The Hadith says that women make up the majority of people in Hell.

Others feel that it is unwise to rely on scriptures from the Bible and Koran for help with moral dilemmas. The feminists argue that one half of the human race should not be completely submissive to the other race. The feminists believe that instead of relying on century old scriptures, people should use technology and science to form their opinions. For most people in today’s society, the modern marriage is primarily viewed as a partnership instead of a submissive relationship. The feminists believe that the views of Pastor Chris and those who agree with him are harmful to the progress of society. Religious leaders carry a lot of influence in society, and the feminists believe that they should be held accountable for some of Nigeria’s problems. People must stand up and let Oyakhilome know that his views will be challenged. The future of humanity depends on these issues being resolved.