There were similarities between the fashion in late 60s and that of the early 70s; some sort of overlap. Just that the 70s were a bit more glamorous. There was a massive shake up in the fashion of this era. Clothing came in bright colors and polyester fabric, complemented by tight fitting pants and platform shoes.

Dresses in the early 70s were decorated in floral patterns which characterized the dresses back then. Women had several options to choose from for various occasions. As home dress, they wore silky smooth evening gowns. The gowns, also known as ankle sweepers were loose fitting and comfortable. They chose to complement it with mid-height heels rather than fluffy slippers worn in the preceding decade.

The 70s women donned long and short dresses everywhere. Of course, the younger girls preferred the shorter skirts. Hemline was at the ankle, the knee, or even higher. Skirts were made to look like dresses, so a woman could wear just a skirt if she had earlier wanted to wear a blouse or shirt without pants. Tunics, robes and culottes were also popular.

Accessories like flashy chains, bows and jackets were quite popular in the 70s – as much as belts were.

However, one particular style later grabbed attention – the Palazzo pants. The pants looked like a dress with massive bell-bottoms. While the Palazzo pants aren’t really a dress, they appeared like one if a woman stood with her legs close together.

Knit designs were popular in the 70s and the 70s dresses were often a blend. Designers made use of every available fabric to knit these pieces together. This era was one were dresses had the most level of exposure up to that time. Women would often don bare-backed dresses, or an extremely low-cut dress.

The preference for the floral patterns in the early 70s later switched to pastels in the mid-70s, and subsequently earthy tones such as light blues, browns and tans in the late 70s. However, one thing to note in the 70s fashion is that women began to prefer pants to dresses as the decade waded.

Footwear was not exempt from the fashion craze of the 70s. The mini-skirts and 70’s dresses were balanced with dancing shoes of the late 60s.Women were spoilt with choices for boots for every occasion as they came in different shapes and sizes. From white vinyl stretch patent boots to purple suede thigh-high boots, color was just a thing. These high-inch platform boots were so popular that the men had to rock them.

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