Top 3 Late-Summer Killer Fashion Items

These heat waves just keep on coming, but looking at the calendar it’s safe to say we have about four or five weeks of summer left, at the most. This is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy these bouts of nice weather while they last even though when you wake up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night, wishing for winter is the only reasonable response.

 In any case, this summer is coming to a close so why not rock those summer styles a few more times before you retire them until next year? They might lead you where you’ve never gone before, such as the world of transsexual dating or you might end up having the time of your life with friends and family alone with no romantic interest in sight. There is no telling what could happen when you sport these summer fashions right!

1.     Nude Wedges

A pair of nude wedges can take you from early spring into late fall as your go-to pair of sexy footwear that is actually comfortable! In a pair of well-made wedges, you can literally feel like you could run a marathon right now as opposed to any other type of heel, really. Dress them down for a Sunday brunch with friends or posh them up with a silk, white dress for evening. Cropped pants, rolled-up boyfriend denim, mini-skirt or any kind of dress goes perfectly with this style of shoe, and makes your legs look longer and leaner, especially if you’ve got a bit of a tan going.

2.     Nude Strapless Push-up Bra

Summer is the time to show off all of your assets and skin without freezing your behind off. Those assets look best when they come in the greatest possible packaging. A nude bra that you can wear under any color top or dress, from white to black, is one of the most versatile must-have summer pieces that you can have in your closet.

When you’ve got a nude, strapless, push-up bra that makes heads turn at 8:30 am on a Wednesday, you’ve got yourself an item of clothing that takes any outfit to a whole new level. Wear it with a tank top or a white t-shirt during the day to look as effortlessly sexy as possible, or pair it with a dress for evening that boasts a plunging neckline. With silky fabrics, styled hair, and minimal makeup, your summer bra won’t look tacky but incredibly attractive.

3.     A White Cotton Dress

Often an overlooked item in your closet or at the store, a white cotton dress that shows off your shape and doesn’t make you look like a goat milker is romantic, sweet, and gives off that down-to-earth kind of vibe that is often the most desirable in the eyes of men. Pair with cute, flat sandals for daytime and a soft nail polish as your main accessory or add a little pizzazz with a bright red polish and/or lipstick that help add style to a seemingly simple outfit.

Wardrobe with a few discreet pieces of jewelry, and don’t worry about any belts or jackets to go on top because a cute cotton, white dress can more than hold its own. Wavy hair with a few highlights and sexy shades will take your look up a notch for an afternoon date or rock this outfit on a trendy patio as you and your friends enjoy a pitcher of sangria on the rocks.